THE WHISPER TRILOGY is ultimately about the fight between good and evil. What's unique about the story is that its battlefield is the teen social scene, and its number one soldier is a teenage girl angel.



Callie Evans is named after a muse from Greek mythology Little does she know she is actually an angel, an Arc sent from Heaven to do battle with Darks on Earth. Her specific targets are Raysers, demons who prey on the souls of teens.

Callie’s mind has been Cloaked for the past sixteen years, so she has forgotten who and what she really is. On her sixteenth birthday, all she really wants is a cell phone and a date with Joshua Pride, the super-hot new guy at school who harbors a secret of his own. Instead, Callie is visited by Silas and Jules, a pair of outlandish Micro Angels whose job it is to coach newbie angel warriors in training. The gift they bear is her true identity. While the rest of the world grows up and moves on, Callie will stay sixteen forever, a permanent structure on the teenage social scene. After all, this is precisely where the battle between good and evil is being waged, and she is a highly sophisticated weapon.

Now, Callie isn’t sure whether her biggest problems are the stinky demons she must seek and destroy or the celestial law stating that Arcs are meant to be solitary soldiers.  Her unexplainably magnetic attraction to Joshua and the fact that he seems to dig her right back is also a source of confusion for Callie. Should she allow herself to get close to him if he is ultimately going to forget her after a year or so passes, and what is it about him that draws her in and steals her senses? Will she be able to fall for Joshua without falling into the hands of the evil that's out to destroy her?




When 16-year-old Callie Evans learned she was more than your everyday suburban teen, everything changed. One minute she was a typical high school student, the next, a demon-slayer extraordinaire. As a newly discovered Arc angel from heaven, Callie’s destiny is to fight the Darks that prey on human teens.

But when Callie meets Romuel, one of the most powerful angels of all time, her reality is shaken once again. Romuel will force her to become what she was meant to be, but will her boyfriend, fellow Arc, Joshua, be able to set his pride aside? He doesn’t appreciate Callie’s attentiveness toward the older, wiser immortal Romuel. Joshua found her first. And he’s not willing to share.

Is it Callie’s highly active imagination or does the Dark population seem to be multiplying exponentially in her world at an alarming rate? Newsflash: She’s not imagining things. They’re everywhere. And she’s got to find a way to stop them before it’s too late.

Join Silas, Jules, Jixer and the rest of the immortal crew in a story that will wake up the world to the war that’s been raging since the beginning of time, a war in which whispers are the deadliest weapons of all.


​War and Wonder


In Whisper, Callie Evans discovered she was an Arc –a special-ops angel sent to Earth to fight the Darks that prey on teens. In Wake, book two of the trilogy, Callie was charged with the responsibility of waking up the world and preparing an army of humans to fight the battle of the ages - Armageddon. Now, in the third and last installment of the Whisper Series, Callie Evans and her team of Last Days Saints must navigate Armageddon with its Judgments and its trials, slaying demons and saving as many souls as they can before the world stops spinning.

But, Callie has plans of her own, plans that include finding a way into Hell to track down the mighty Romuel and rescue him from wicked Deyanna. She’s not sure how she’s going to make it into Hell and even less sure how she’ll escape once she gets there and finds Rom, but she’s determined to bring back the ginormous angel who saved her life.

It’s the end of the world.

Are you ready?




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