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Meet Dana Faletti


Author of The Whisper Trilogy and sweeping Italian romance, Beautiful Secret. 



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hear me...

~listen with your heart

When Margaret Star first meets Gray Trax, she instantly knows her whole world will change forever. Hard of hearing, she never really felt like anyone listened to her. Shy yet reserved, all Margaret has ever wanted was to share her music onstage. Lately, she'd settle for a minute of her parents’ attention or even a friend who actually listens.

Gray Trax is that friend. Gray is often misunderstood. While others see him as deaf, troubled, an angry bad boy, Margaret sees another side to him. He's brilliant and caring. While neither of their lives is perfect, together Margaret might just be able to stop Gray from becoming another label, another statistic.

As Gray and Margaret are pulled closer together, they realize everyone, even those who are mislabeled, deserve to be heard.

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