Dana Faletti is an author with Pandamoon Publishing. Prior to signing with Pandamoon, she wrote and published THE WHISPER TRIOLOGY: a young adult paranormal romance series. Her debut women's fiction novel, BEAUTIFUL SECRET, is a sweeping drama of family secrets and forbidden love that is set to be released by Pandamoon in Summer of 2016.  


Dana writes poetry as a survival skill and loves to connect with other writers both online and in person. When she’s not writing, Dana can be found reading on her Kindle, cooking something delicious, or daydreaming about her upcoming travel destinations. She lives in in a suburb of Pittsburgh with her husband, three young daughters, and a snarky Shichon called Dolce.



I've been writing for forever - literally as long as I've been able to write words on paper. As a young child, I'd scribble silly "Shel Silversteinish" poems into a notebook and share them with my parents. As a teen, I'd pour my angsty heart into melodramatic poetry and then torture my friends with every single stanza.


I think it's nearly impossible to narrow down my top five favorite books, but I can say this:


1 - I love THE BOOK THIEF, by Markus Zusak for its YA handling of the Holocaust.

2 - I love THE FEVER SERIES by Karen Marie Moning for its amazingly detailed world and for her incredible use of contradictions. Also, I have sort of a mild book crush on Jericho Barrons, her main male character. Don't tell my husband.

3 - I love THAT SUMMER IN SICILY by Marlena De Blasi, because its language is so rich, I could eat the book. Plus, it's set in Italy.

4 - I love Ted Dekker's CIRCLE SERIES for its underlying message - that love is more powerful and more important than any other agenda, both for God and for mortals.

5 - I love Barbara Kingsolver's POISONWOOD BIBLE for her use of voice and for the distinct pictures she paints of Africa through five different points of view.


I can't sit still unless my butt is on a beach.


I love Italy, especially the South, which is where my father was born and much of his family still resides. There's a little mountain town there called Valanidi where everything is always right with the world. This richly raw place cures everything that ails me and refreshes me at a soul level. I'm working on a novel that is set partly in Italy. It's the story that is wound most tightly around my heart.


I am a food snob, a Starbucks junkie (attempting to recover,) and I love red wine from Paso Robles.


I'm fluent in sign language and worked in Deaf education for 6 years.


The character from a movie I most identify with is Maria Von Trapp from THE SOUND OF MUSIC, because I can be both hopelessly naïve and honest to a fault. Plus, she's clumsy, and anyone who knows me knows I could probably find a way to trip over my nose.

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